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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 9, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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please move from the right to your left. >> a great moment and about time we end on some great stuff. that is all-time we have tonight. my new podcast, new episode tomorrow. shannon bream, take it all from here. shannon: good to have you here. fox news alert, donald trump rallies in the florida panhandle making news on china touting the roaring economy and claiming democrats investigations may help him in 2020. the rally comes hours after the latest escalation from house democrats. the house judiciary committee voting to hold the attorney general in contempt for refusing to turn over documents from law and later, democrats hitting for a debate debacle, the field continues to grow. we are talking to marianne
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williamson about the coveted spot. welcome to fox news at night. brit hume standing by talking about the president's taxes, katherine herridge on the showdown over the attorney general. david fund live in panama city at the president's rally. >> a lot of news from this make america great again rally. you can see the remnants of that rally behind me, donald trump uses a chance to connect directly with the voters, his 39th time here in the state of florida for a rally. connecting with voters heavily hit by hurricane michael in october. a lot of damage, maybe tyndall air force base. donald trump landed in panama city east of panama city at 8:00 this evening and he took a tour
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of tyndall air force base by that hurricane. the president made news by announcing $448 million in housing and urban development money that will go toward repairing this area. donald trump made news by talking about the other news going on in washington. >> now they say mueller report. we want to start all over again. it is a disgrace. >> reporter: donald trump ramps up his trade war with threats against china talking about china. there is a delegation coming in tomorrow morning to talk about the trade war the president mentioned several times. here's what he had to say about the back and forth. >> you see the tariffs, they broke the deal.
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they are flying in, the vice premier flying in but they broke the deal. they can't do that. >> reporter: he doesn't discuss it on stage but donald trump did mention his attorney general william barr talking about those investigations and talked about the new york times story that highlights that he lost more than $1 billion in on your period from the mid-80s to the 90s, big news from that article, he paid no taxes for the majority of that decade. he said real estate developers in the 80s 90s 30 years ago were entitled to massive write-offs and appreciation which if one actively building shows losses in tax losses in almost all cases much was nonmonetary. democrats are pushing for donald trump's tax returns.
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steve mnuchin says that's not going to happen. we could be looking for a court battle coming up, more news tomorrow, big news today. a lot of news from the president but what will happen tomorrow? shannon: he was having a great time in my home state of florida, you were their too, thank you. fox news alert, house democrats taking their feud with the trump administration to the next level, the judiciary chairman colin a constitutional crisis, holding the attorney general and contempt. katherine herridge has more on where things stand. >> reporter: after four hours of debate house judiciary committee democrats took the first step towards holding william barr in contempt. >> refused to do anything but provide political cover to the president. the president seeks to take a wrecking ball to the constitution.
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>> reporter: jerry nadler says william barr refused to comply with congressional subpoena to supply the full special counsel report and underlying records. >> no person, not the attorney general or the president is above the law. that is what is at stake today. >> reporter: republicans shot back he was bound by the law and could not provide grand jury material without a court order which never had not pursued. >> the attorney general is following the regulations. >> it is about rob partisan politics. are democrat part colleagues have weapon ice critical response abilities. >> reporter: writing to the democratic chairman of justice department official said nadler turned his back on 11th hour talks including access to the records, rather than allowing negotiations to continue, you scheduled and unnecessary contempt vote. the president has asserted executive privilege over the entirety of the subpoena material. democrats and the white house was running roughshod over independent oversight. >> it is unprecedented for a president to say he will provide
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no cooperation with authorized subpoenas from congress. >> reporter: republicans said damaging the attorney general as he investigates the genesis of the fbi probe and the role of democrats opposition research to the anti-trump dossier to secure surveillance warrant for trump campaign aide. >> is trying to destroy william barr because democrats, he is going to get to the bottom of everything. >> the justice department issued a statement calling the session political theatrics. democratic chairman jerry nadler told supporters he expects the contempt resolution to go to the house floor. shannon: thank you very much. fox news has confirmed the republican-led senate intelligence committee has subpoenaed donald trump junior. testifying before the senate judiciary committee in 2017. some gop lawmakers are not happy. rand paul saying apparently the
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republican chair of the senate intel committee leaked a memo from the majority leader. the house judiciary chairman slamming the president for stonewalling his committee subpoena. the president dared the democrats to keep pushing. >> they want to do investigations instead of investments. they want to do what they are doing which looks so foolish. maybe i read it wrong but i think it drives us right onto victory in 2020. >> radio host in washington dc larry o'connor. welcome to you both. what do you make of that, the president says the more they come after him it is a good thing and democrats on the hill saying he is trying to goad us into impeaching him. >> you think that's great for him. what he has to be worried about his democrats might try
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impeachment by proxy and go after william barr and get the same information they are looking for and put it out in the public and let them decide in november 2020 without impeaching him but william barr is denying congress subpoenas they are entitled to by law. he read the constitution. heather: we are going to deal in facts here. congressman mike johnson makes a point we have made over and over, barr cannot adhere to the subpoena without breaking the law. issuing a congressional subpoena for the sake of starting a dialogue is wildly inappropriate. we talked about it many times you can't turn over grand jury material. he couldn't if you want to do. >> that was a law passed by congress. congress is holding him in contempt for not breaking the law that congress passed. they just want a narrative, they want the headline to have the
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words impeachment, trump, contempt of congress because they are trying to evoke a next andian era but donald trump is right, they made him look like a victim. most americans thought this was about the mueller report and the mueller investigation. that is over. he was cleared of russian conspiracy, can we get back to governing please. shannon: it works for him in 2020, the economy, here's what he said at the rally. >> after many years of stagnation wages are rising very fast driving our whole agenda, jobs, we cut more federal regulations and regulations been any president. we just past the largest tax cuts and reforms in american history. shannon: you first. >> if the president stuck to his message on the economy would do better than he is doing. as for the subpoena, the
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exception in the law for national security interests and this falls into it, that is why this report was. that exception applies here and congress is entitled to that material. >> the president is sticking with the democrats can't. this entire election is going to be about donald trump. he can talk about his record, he couldn't do that in 2016. hillary clinton had quite a resume and all she could do is talk about trump. joe biden has been in this town since 1972 and he can't talk about his own record because it is pathetic compared to this political neophyte, joe biden will talk about donald trump. that works in donald trump's favor. >> joe biden leading the pack. we will see. we don't know yet. it is official, we are in a constitutional crisis created by
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♪ >> shannon: amy klobuchar toting h >> senator klobuchar defending herer record during the fox new townhall. kristin fisher live in milwaukee with more. >> reporter: a real opportunity to bring wisconsin working-class wing voters in 2016, a lot of potential to do that. she is a moderate in minnesota. she has to convince the far left flank of her party that she's not too far to the center.
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>> progressives should support me because i am a proven progressive. last time i checked, if you want to be a progressive and support progressives then you are supposed to make progress and that is what i have done. >> reporter: if you look at her policies they are much more down the middle than many of her contenders with a few exceptions, joe biden being the big one and a former vp at 39%, bernie sanders 15.5%. everybody else in single digits with klobuchar way down at 1.3%. klobuchar and biden trying to stake out the middle lane, it becomes how does she compete with someone so far ahead in the polls.
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>> it is a long campaign and we will all make our case. if you discounted people but don't look like they have a chance these people i just mentioned wouldn't have been president and we would have never been where we are today. i can win this. >> reporter: joe biden was in los angeles and he visited a taco shop and pledged to never speak ill of a fellow democratic presidential candidate. >> it is going to work its way through quickly for all of us. i don't have any problems. everybody said want to take it in in january? the process is already too long. >> reporter: just think, the democratic national convention is still 14 months away and is going to be held in that arena behind me. that was the site of the milwaukee celtics playoff game.
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i am giving you a side of sports with politics. shannon: a lot of frequent flyer miles between now and then. new york times report on donald trump losing $1 billion in the 90s isn't exactly new. the president himself talked about it publicly on the apprentice 15 years ago. >> it wasn't always so easy. 13 years ago i was seriously in trouble, billions of dollars in debt. >> donald trump -- john delaney says this proves he is not meant to be the commander in chief saying trump is less qualified to talk about capitalism than bernie. a reference to bernie sanders. britt hume here to discuss. a lot of people pointed out back
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in the 90s this was reported in real-time about trump. >> he wrote the art of the deal and the art of the comeback in which he describes what dyer straits he was in and reviewed said he was billions in debt. so he has bragged if that's the right word, about his combat, he wanted to magnify as he does nearly everything the size of the debt he was in so the idea he was in debt and had gone belly up in a bunch of real estate enterprises is hardly new. shannon: where did this information come from? what steps did somebody take? something that hasn't been exposed before, tax documents, don't know where you would get them. >> this is material drawn from his tax returns, analytical
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papers that come out of the irs, that is not supposed to happen but this being washington in this year everything seems to leak and now this has. shannon: fox news poll about releasing tax returns, the president should be releasing his returns, 74% say he should, 25% say he should not. two thirds, 3 quarters of respondents saying he should cough up his tax returns. >> interesting number and what i would imagine people would say. people want more information. we had an election when this was an issue and he refused and was the first president to refuse to release his tax returns. he didn't do it, polls showed that was a factor and he got elected and here we are again. people who held against them before will hold that against him again but not sure there's any more golden those hills for people seeking to turn sentiment against him.
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>> we watched this contempt vote with respect to the attorney general, the attorney general, breaking news on the show that he was going to advise the president you may want to exert executive privilege over these documents and this vote proceeds today on contempt. was we go from here? >> we go nowhere. i don't know the full house will vote to do this which it would have to do but i wouldn't rule it out but if it does what happens then? based on the most recent experience, absolutely nothing, eric older was held in contempt during the previous administration and that was the end of it. you can refer the matter to the department of justice with the attorney general deciding whether to arrest himself and i don't anticipate that would happen. i don't think the sergeant of arms of the house of representatives is going to go marching with some kind of swat team down to the justice
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department and try to call the attorney general out to punish him for his contempt of congress is a toothless sanction really and you would rather not have it in your wikipedia entry but beyond that there is not much to it. shannon: telling people not to testify or turnover documents, fighting subpoenas, republicans should be aware any principles trump establishes in rebuffing congressional investigators could be user built upon by future democratic presidents seeking to avoid scrutiny from republicans in congress. republicans should not see defending trump on a matter is necessary even if they believe the robert mueller report vindicated him on the russia issue. >> i'm not some pathetic to stonewalling, congress should be accommodated, but this business, think what we are fighting over at the moment, a tiny sliver of the mueller report which remains
12:23 am
rejected and the people doing the fighting haven't even read the portions that are now fully available. we are fighting over the difference between the word spy and the word surveilled and we are fighting over whether extremely minor matters, my own sense is the public looks at this and what are they on that stuff about? shannon: it looks like this administration is taking a page out of those who would try to frustrate this administration which is to tie this up in court to that will keep us busy for another year. >> by the time it goes to court we will be way ahead of 2020. shannon: i will be covering it over there. shannon: long days, great nights. last night during our interview with dana lash of the national
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download audible and listen for a change. shannon: colorado school shooting suspect making first court appearance today. we are learning more about the suspect and the victim classmates they saved their lives. trace gallagher has an update. >> this is a stem school, science, technology, engineering and math. we are talking three schools in one. the suspect entered through the middle school which does not have a metal detector and when they stormed the british literature class armed with 2
12:29 am
handguns, 18-year-old kendra castille lunged at the suspect, christia was shot and killed because of it but other students say those heroic moves but them time and saved their lives. there was no hesitation. >> it was not a decision, it was just go. my brain was an absolute fear but i went up and went to it. >> kendra's christer confided said he talked to his son about what to do if confronted by a gunman telling him you don't have to be a hero but his and responded you raised me this way, you raised me to be a good person and that is what i'm doing at his fellow students say that is exactly what he did. the older suspect is identified as devon erickson, well-known on social media for being pro-obama, anti-trump and lashing out at christians
12:30 am
because he claims they, quote, hate days. he thought erickson was just messing around with social media comments but maybe he was offering hints. >> causing a lot of sadness. that is kind of widespread, like a big culture thing. >> police believe devon erickson drove a white honda accord with pentagram, the numbers 666 and the words after society painted on the car, the second suspect is identified in legal documents as maya elizabeth mckenney but mckenna is transgender, identifies mail and calls himself alec. abc affiliate says the boy has been bullied for being transgender but the motive went beyond bullying and involve revenge, anger and possible use of illegal drugs. unclear if the 60-year-old will be charged as an adult.
12:31 am
shannon: a young man, absolute hero stepping up in the middle of that. donald trump sporting sanctions on iran, the us dispatched an aircraft carrier and b-52 bomber to the persian gulf for what this administration describes as a new threat from iran. >> sanctions on steel, aluminum and copper, because i hope at some point, maybe it won't happen, possibly won't, to sit down and work out a fair deal, we are not looking to hurt anybody, we just don't want them to have nuclear weapons. >> the escalating tit for tat with iran reached a peak today when iranian president rouhani looked to resume increased processing well beyond what was permitted in the obama era nuclear deal.
12:32 am
he said it would begin in 60 days unless the european partners renegotiate the nuclear deal. >> translator: the nuclear deal, surgery and painkillers. mike pompeo offered a restrained response to the threat. >> they made of number of statements of what they threaten in order to get the world to jump. we will see what they actually do. >> this captured heightened tensions. it began friday with us intelligence intercept that showed iran planning an unspecified attack on us assets or us allies. >> we saw the intelligence and sent this is friday to make sure it was clear to iran that we recognize the threat. >> the us sent the battle group to the mediterranean, new video showing b-52 bombers departing for the middle east in a further sign of us deterrence to what is called iran's credible threat. it occurs a year to the day that
12:33 am
donald trump withdrew from the iran nuclear deal calling it the worst in history but partners germany, britain, france, russia, china and the european union stating. that may change if rouhani carries out his threat. >> if they break that deal that will be consequences in terms of how european powers react so we urge the iranian's to think long and hard before they break the deal. >> the sanctions trump imposed on iran's banking and oil industries that we heard iran's economy. the administration that are imposing new sanctions on iran's look at of exports. many democrats see the heightened tensions as a result of the trump administration's inapt foreign policy but the last chapter in this drama has not yet been written. shannon: a new blue to venezuela's opposition, security forces loyal to nicholas maduro
12:34 am
arresting the number 2 leader of the opposition-controlled congress, edgar zambrano was towed to jail in his car surrounded by security forces a week after the failed uprising. james comey speaks out for the first time on the mueller report and joins the debate over whether or not the fbi spied on the trump campaign. >> the fbi doesn't spy, the fbi investigates. 's tom dupree and molly hemingway next. you make bigger plans. set higher goals. the new 2019 ram heavy duty the capability you need and things you never imagined in a truck this powerful. every little thing, for those who are on to bigger things. with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts
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>> i think spying did occu >> i think find it is care. >> that is not the term i would use. people in different colloquial phrases. >> the dictionary definition of spine, surveillance or spine, the term -- >> the fbi doesn't spy, the fbi investigates. >> with the content showdown the wall street journal reporting the justice department inspector general, the reliance on the unverified steel dossier, to
12:39 am
surveilled trump campaign associate carter page. let's bring in deputy assistant attorney general tom dupree and molly hemingway to weigh in. great to have you with us. let me start with a tweet from bill mitchell who says surveillance is not illicit spying. that is what fisa warrants are for but if you acquire it by means of perjury it is. shopping is not illegal. shopping with counterfeit money is. they were spying with the counterfeit fisa. i never heard that analogy but i heard what they are saying. >> the important thing is it was spying. spying can be done with approval without approval, but spying is when you secretly gather information on behalf of the government, that clearly happened here. there were multiple human informants, overseas intelligence assets, national security letters, wiretaps, the means by which we spy and the attorney general said he would
12:40 am
like to make sure when this began the protocol was properly followed. it is interesting that people are freaking out in response to this request. shannon: that is what we will find out with the inspector general digging into this, you had been a part of the doj so what do you think we will learn? >> not sure we will appreciate the difference between surveillance and spine despite all the discussion but if you ask folks in the department of justice they will tell you we don't do spine, we do surveillance and one of the differences, people use the terms colloquially. one of the differences spying suggests improper purpose, your spine because you are trying to steal someone's secrets ultimately or spying on your neighbor whereas surveillance was approved by a court, it is legitimate, authorized, approved and that is what the inspector general investigation and ongoing investigation i getting at. we know what happened. what we don't know is what
12:41 am
prompted it. we know what happened with carter page and george papadopoulos but not paul manafort or mike flynn or anyone else so there's a lot we don't know including how everything started. how it all came together and we are ready know about the dossier and how it was used to justify a fisa warrant to know there are deep concerns, the mueller report came out, there was not a single indictment of a single american colluding with russia and the dossier itself wasn't even mentioned in the report. shannon: the fbi citing the steel dossier as, quote, credible as late as june 2017 and rod rosenstein approved surveillance on that basis. looking forward to hear from rod on the justification for that decision. what will we hear from them? it will be in one of his reports on the hill. >> i don't see a way he evades
12:42 am
this. at some point he will have to explain what his thinking was. this dossier had a long life. people were relying under circumstances where you wonder why would a neutral impartial law enforcement officer rely on something that has its origin where people made aware of its origin? did they have the information and the former deputy attorney general was at the center of a lot of this. he may have had great reasons for doing what he did but with all these investigation is it is hard to see the story and without him testifying. shannon: as we wait for that, the vote was over contempt for the attorney general after he said you should exert executive privilege. he has done that. jennifer rubin who writes an opinion for the washington post saying person crushing civil fines against recalcitrant witnesses, ethics violations and
12:43 am
try to lock them up if these get serious, some ares may recognize the gravity of the situation? >>, rhetoric from this rubin. congressional oversight is important. we want to have people reach accommodation. you mentioned rod rosenstein because he was being sought by previous congress for many months, never kept quiet about the 25th amendment solution for wearing a wiretap, you want to get to the bottom of these things that you want people to reasonably accommodate and the attorney general said he was seeking to work with these people, they moved immediately to a contempt vote does not speak well of their desire to match that. >> how much at the supreme court, various legal fights over subpoenas and the reveals? >> i am very confident it will get to a federal court.
12:44 am
historically these disputes are almost always resulting compromise negotiation, both parties giving a little. we haven't seen any of that. we have seen the exact opposite. we've seen the rhetorical dial turned up to 11, put them in jail, do this, do this, got to get serious. not a lot of room for, hope springs eternal but i suspect before the dust settles we will see judges weighing in. >> thank you both. could a search of guru standing next to joe biden in the presidential debate next month, the answer from marianne williamson. as a financial advisor, i tell my clients not to worry about changing their minds in retirement. you may have always imagined your dream car as something fast. then one day you decide it just needs to be safe enough to get her to college and back. principal. we can help you plan for that.
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>> the first of 12 democratic primary debates is 6 weeks when there a lot of new rules and a bunch of candidates trying to qualify. peter doocy on what some say could be a democratic debate debacle. >> there is one way the 2020 democratic primaries are just like the 2016 democratic primaries, bernie sanders sits at solid second place. >> guaranteed job for every american. is that radicalizing? i don't think so. >> there are going to be a lot more debates and they won't favor the front runner. >> in 2016 i will not shock
12:49 am
anybody, the dnc was not evenhanded. >> in a not to sanders supporters angry that the debates were tailored to hillary clinton, there are two ways to qualify, earn more than 1% support or earn 0 supporting polls but muster up donations from 65,000 people. >> we wanted to make sure we provided entry points to the debate stage that were not simply polling and emphasis on grassroots fundraising. >> 10 different democrats would debate on back-to-back nights in prime time. there is something else inspiring democrats to run in record numbers. >> donald trump, more energy out there to beat him. >> republican see the debates has an equalizer that could bring joe biden's polls back to earth. >> is not faced tough questions
12:50 am
or candidates that are gunning for him. >> reporter: a political newcomer sees an opening in the debate rules, spiritual and inspirational author marianne williamson closing in on 65,000 donors, 2000 to go. >> i don't think she will be the front runner but it is good for people to participate. >> reporter: of marianne williamson makes the debate she could wind up on stage with the top-tier of candidates because signings will be random. a political newcomer wants to be president, could be shoulder to shoulder with a two term vice president. that political outsider joins us now. democratic candidate for president marianne williamson, welcome to fox news at night. you are described as a spiritual author. you talked about the health of our soul. these are not normal conversations we here in
12:51 am
politics or on the debate stage. how do you feel you fit in with something that could be very rough-and-tumble, sometimes politics at this level could get a little ugly. >> that is the problem in america today and millions of us are exhausted by that. the mean-spiritedness has been damaging. it affects it is our national character we are talking about so i think what i want and a lot of people wanted to healthier debate. we don't always agree, that is what a free society is but we can disagree with honor, honesty and so far that is the way the democratic primary is showing up this season and i hope it will continue that way and i want to be that way and i hope others feel that way towards me. shannon: you talked about shifting american values from money to morals. what does that mean politically for you? >> one i was a little girl us corporations expected to have a
12:52 am
sense of moral and ethical responsibly, not just a fiduciary responsibility to the stockholders but to a greater array of stakeholders. the idea someone worked for a corporation for decades, the idea that person would retire with dignity. there were moral and ethical responsibilities from the us corporations and starting 40 years ago with this whole idea of trickle-down economics we got into this economic theory that if all the corporation owes is one fiduciary responsibility to stockholders that will trickle down and help but it hasn't. it has created a situation where 1% of all americans own more wealth than the bottom 90%. when we look at moral values first, how we treat each other, how we treat our earth, how we treat our children that is when economics will be better for everybody because we help everyone thrive.
12:53 am
people get actual lies. >> how do you then run against this president should become the nominee where he is able to cite the lowest unemployment numbers in the 50 years, the best unemployment numbers for minority groups, african-americans and hispanics, the highest hourly wages we have ever had in this country, a lot of economic growth people said he could never achieve, how do you run against that part of the equation? >> i don't want to take -- there are a lot of dark shadows behind those statistics, the truth is millions of americans have to have 2 and 3 jobs just to make ends meet. if we really want to help those americans, give them free healthcare, take away the economic anxiety of not knowing how -- shannon: let me stop you on the healthcare issue because that is a big one for this field and something you will talk about in the debates as well. talking medicare for all, the
12:54 am
baseline estimated cost is $36 trillion, where did that come from? >> money is not a 0-sum game. usually republicans are the first to admit. when you look at how much money anybody spends on healthcare you take that money away, they no longer have to do that and look at how much money people have to spend, look at how much money people have to thrive, look at how much money people have to actualize. any dollar you put into healthcare, any dollar you put into education, any dollar you put into actually helping people be able to spread their wings is money you are putting into your economy. a lot of this comes where we philosophically sit. you can use the numbers to support the left or support the right. i believe president eisenhower
12:55 am
said the american mind is liberal and conservative. that is true. it is the kind of union and yanked, complementary relationship. shannon: there's always a price tag and polling shows a lot of people are worried about medicare for all. it would mean more taxes or delays for treatment so that is where the conversation has to happen. we watch for you. you are close to the debate stage so we will see you on the campaign trail. midnight hero is next, dramatic rescue attempt to save three women and a dog from being swept away, you do not want to miss it and my book is on sale, first thought this saturday at the liberty campus bookstore, i hope to see you there. oh i love it. it's a great razor. it has that 'fence' in the middle. it gives a nice smooth shave.
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>> tech: at safelite autoglass, we every chip will crack.. this daughter was home visiting when mom saw a chip in her windshield. >> mom: honey is that a chip? >> tech: they wanted it fixed fast so they brought it to us. >> mom: hi. >> tech: with our in-shop chip repair service, we can fix it the same day... guaranteed. plus with most insurance a safelite chip repair is no cost to you. >> mom: really? drive safely. all right.
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♪ acoustic music >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace. (michelle) i know what it's like to be in a financially struggling family. we had a lot of leftovers...[chuckles] i couldn't have asked for better parents, but like most people they didn't have anyone to teach them the best financial habits. so we changed that. as a financial health coach, i help people every day. i try to put myself in their shoes from my own experience. i connect to them because i've been there. helping families like mine save a little money changes everything. this is personalized guidance. this is wells fargo. >> shannon: you've got to see shannon: 3 women, one dog lucky to be alive, second away from their car being swept off a bridge, police in austin, texas were able to wrestle the violent current and save all of them. she lost control of her dog in those waters, another officer
1:00 am
spraying into action. the car was washed away minutes after the rescue. all of them are safe and sound. you are midnight hero. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, i am shannon bream. >> we have a choice between sleepy joe and crazy bernie. and young man buttigieg representing us against president xi of china. i want to watch that one. >> it is thursday, may 9th and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 on the east coast donald trump firing up the crowd in florida taking direct aim at his potential 2020 opponents, their fight for the spotlight just weeks from the first primary. do you remember the pennsylvania lawmaker who harassed up pro-life woman outside planned parenthood?


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